How To Activate Your OPTIONS Card

  1. Call the freephone activation line on 0800 7 311 113 (24 hours a day).
  2. Input the 16 digit card account number on the front of the card and the numbers only of your household insurance policy (ignore any letters).
  3. Please stay on the line and press 3 in order for us to provide PIN number unique to your card.
  4. Your OPTIONS card will then be activated and the value available on the card will be confirmed to you.
To ensure you get the full benefits from your card please read and understand theTerms & Conditions. A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. If in doubt please contact the OPTIONS Customer Service Helpline on 0845 300 4026

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Where To Use

The OPTIONS card may be used for any purchases at all the merchants identified below.

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Transaction History

Your recent transaction history can be accessed by calling the number below and selecting transaction history:

0800 7 311 113

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Lost & Stolen Cards

If your card has been lost or stolen, please call the OPTIONS Customer Service Helpline

Please have details to hand of your last known transaction, as well as details of when the card was last seen.

The old card will be blocked and a replacement OPTIONS Card will be issued to you.

If calling outside of office hours, please leave your details as requested and one of our representatives will contact you to confirm receipt and to arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.

0845 300 4026

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my OPTIONS Card?

Simply activate your OPTIONS Card and then use it to pay for goods of your choice at any of the retailers listed here. YOU MUST ACTIVATE YOUR CARD BEFORE VISITING THE STORE(S). You cannot use your card at an ATM, in a bank branch or bureau de change.

Will my OPTIONS Card expire?

The expiry date is shown on the card.

Do I have to spend the agreed value on my OPTIONS Card all at once in a single store?

No. You can make any number of visits to any combination of stores until the balance of the card is used up.

Can I use my OPTIONS card to purchase goods online?

Yes. Where the retailer has on-line shopping.

Can I check the balance on my OPTIONS Card?

Yes, you can check your balance by calling our freephone helpline on 0800 7 311 113 and selecting transaction history when prompted.

Can I spend more money in a store than the value on my card?

Yes, but you will have to pay the difference and you must know your balance and advise the shop point-of-sale to take the OPTIONS card balance first.

I’ve lost my OPTIONS Card!

Call the OPTIONS Customer Service Team on 0845 300 4026. You will be asked some security questions, the old card will be blocked and a replacement OPTIONS Card will be issued. Click here for more information or reporting a card lost or stolen.

How soon can I use my Card?

Immediately. Once you have activated your OPTIONS Card you can enjoy the experience in any of the stores on the enclosed leaflet.

Can I keep a track of my Card activity?

Yes. You can check your recent transaction history by calling 0800 7 311 113, and selecting transaction history.

Will I need a pin number?

Yes, to obtain the pin you will need to dial the activation line number and put in your policy number without the letters. Once you have done that you will be given 3 options. Please press option 3 and you will be given a 4 digits pin number.YOU SHOULD TREAT IT THE SAME AS CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD AND KEEP IT SAFE AND SECURE.

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Contact Us

Card Activation (24hrs)
0800 7 311 113
Card Transaction History (24hrs)
0800 7 311 113
Options Customer Service
0845 300 4026
9am - 5.30pm Mon-Fri
9am - 1pm Sat

All Emails

Options Team
Technology Business Park
Moy Avenue
East Sussex
BN22 8LD

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Terms and Conditions

1. Validly activated cards are redeemable in full or part payment for merchandise in retailers' stores as shown on the enclosed leaflet and by visiting the web address shown on the reverse of your card.

2. This card may not be exchanged for cash or other vouchers, used as a deposit on a credit agreement, used to purchase an insurance product or used to settle a retailer store card account.

3. No change will be given but the remaining balance may be applied to future purchases from any of the identified retailers.

4. Neither the issuer nor the insurer can be held liable for cards, once activated, which are subsequently lost, stolen or damaged unless clause 12.6 or 14 below applies.

5. Goods purchased with your OPTIONS Card and subsequently returned to the store will have the value refunded on the card.

6. Your insurer reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time where it reasonably considers it necessary to do so (e.g. to change the scope of the Options card service, notify of the services withdrawal or in the event of circumstances beyond its control). Any such change and action to be taken as a result will be notified to Customers no later than two months before such changes are to take effect.

7. The card can be used to purchase goods in-store, online, from catalogues and by telephone ONLY from the retailers highlighted on the enclosed leaflet.

8. If your total purchase exceeds the stored value remaining on the card, the difference can be made up with other means of payment.

9. This card cannot be used to withdraw cash at an ATM or to obtain a cash advance from a financial institution.

10. You cannot link your card to any deposit or credit account you may have with any financial institution. Your card cannot be reloaded with additional value. It is disposable when all value has been used.

11. Your card is issued upon your request in settlement of your insurance claim. Upon receipt you have 14 days to cancel the card at no cost. If after 14 days you decide to cancel the card an administration fee of £15 will apply which will be deducted from any balance remaining.

12.1 You must ensure all details on any receipt are correct and that your authorisation specifies the exact amount of the transaction before completion. A transaction or payment cannot be stopped once you have authorised the use of the card. Any dispute regarding receipt details is strictly between yourself and the retailer.

12.2 The balance on your card will be deducted immediately with the amount of each payment and any associated fees and will reduce the credit available on the card.

12.3 Although the Options logo may be displayed in some countries the Card may not operate there (due to restrictions of Options).

12.4 If there are insufficient funds in to the credit of your card to pay for a transaction the card may be declined or the retailer may allow you to pay the balance by some other means.

12.5 You agree to accept a credit to your card if you are entitled to a refund for any reason for goods purchased using the card.

12.6 If you notice a transaction on your card that you do not recognise you must notify us without undue delay, and in any event no later than thirteen (13) months after the debit date. We will request that you provide additional written information concerning any error.

12.7 You will not be liable for unauthorised transactions on your card unless you have acted fraudulently or have with intent or gross negligence failed to comply with these Terms and Conditions (including but not limited to your failure to notify us the loss, theft, misappropriation or unauthorised use of the card pursuant to clause 14 below).

12.8 Where you are not liable for an unauthorised transaction, we will refund the value of that transaction and will have no further liability to you for any other losses you may suffer.

13. Your card will expire and be no longer valid for use after the last day of the month stated on the face of the card. If your card still has an unredeemed balance greater than £10.00 three months prior to the Card expiry date a reminder will be sent to the last known address of the Customer. To allow for the processing of all outstanding transactions the account will not be closed for up to 21 days following expiry. Should you require the card to be re-instated after the expiry date an administration charge of £10.00 will be levied.

14. If your card is lost or you believe it to have been stolen you must contact the Customer Service helpline 0845 300 4026 immediately and without undue delay. Until you have given your insurer such notice, you are liable for any unauthorised use of the Card. All communications regarding the use of the card will be conducted in the English language.

15. You cannot use your card to access cash.

16. You must sign the reverse side of your card immediately upon receipt. Your card is secure and only you can redeem the money loaded upon it. IMPORTANT. You need to activate your card prior to using the card in any purchase transaction. The card cannot be activated in-store.

17. You cannot top-up your card with any additional funds. No other funds can be loaded onto the card other than money received from designated retailers representing refunds of redeemed payments for goods and services purchased with the use of your card.

18. Your card is in settlement of your insurance claim and is preloaded with the agreed value of your claim. There is no association with any bank account, deposit account or credit line and no interest payable.

19. This card is issued by R. Raphael & Sons plc (Company Registration No. 01288938) from their registered office at 19-21 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 7ED, United Kingdom. R. Raphael & Sons is a Bank regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority under registration number 161302 and is permitted to issue e-money. Aviva administers and services the card on their behalf and is available to give you support if you have any queries or complaints (see clause 14 above). The card is issued by them pursuant to a licence granted by Options and remains their property. You must surrender it to them upon request. Prior to surrendering your card, you must cut the card in two.

20. These Terms and Conditions are subject to English law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Complaints:If you have any complaints or problems concerning the card you can contact our Customer Service helpline 0845 300 4026 who will seek to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If your query is not dealt with to your satisfaction, you may be able to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, an independent body established to adjudicate on eligible disputes with financial firms. Their address is: South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR; Telephone 0845 080 1800; e-mail:; Website:

Compensation:The card is an electronic money product and although it is a product regulated by the Financial Services Authority, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. No other compensation scheme exists to cover losses claimed in connection with the Card.